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The Center for Advanced Studies Abroad (CASA) is directed by the husband-and-wife team of Ariana Miguélez and Brian A.E. Greene, who can usually be found at the office in Brooklyn, NY or onsite in Spain.

“We believe in providing the most holistic and integrated international educational experience possible by combining rigorous academic standards with specialized courses and carefully crafted academic field trips to Spain’s historical and cultural landmarks so that each student who participates in one of CASA’s programs will come away from their experience abroad with a more complete understanding of not only the language and their studies but of the broader culture and context of Spain and the world, that upon their return home they will truly feel like a global citizen.”

Hasta pronto,

Ariana & Brian


Brian holds an MBA with a specialization in International Business from the FUNDESEM Business School – Universidad Cardenal Herrara in Spain, where he is currently in the process of receiving his citizenship. Previously, he received his BA from Bard College, majoring in the Written Arts. Like most things in life, his relationship with Spain and its culture grew over time but reached a turning point many years ago when – after leaving his apartment in Barcelona for the south of France – he found himself at a train station in Toulouse meant to continue on to Paris only to realize that his heart lay to the south. He changed his ticket that day and hasn’t looked back since. He can usually be found in New York City or onsite in Spain with his wife and young son.



Sarah is a digital designer with a passion for print. Her comprehensive background in the visual arts and knack for solving problems drew her to this field and led her to earn a masters from Pratt Institute in Communications Design. Her extensive experience working in higher education at Barnard College also greatly informs her design process. With these combined skills, she strives to clearly convey the many diverse and enriching learning opportunities made possible to students by CASA.


Meet our Team


Dolores “Loli” Bocanegra is the NYC office manager.  A transplant from Pennsylvania Amish country she’s getting used to life in the city.  Her day to day activities consist of keeping everything in order in New York focusing heavily on administrative work and greeting visitors, though she still hasn’t figured out how to use phones or computers. Poco a poco.


Ariana was born in the USA (just like the song) but raised in Spain, Ariana has spent her entire life immersed in both cultures and in the world of study abroad.  During her undergraduate degree program at the Universidad de Valencia (Spain) she participated in a study abroad exchange with the Universidad de las Américas (UDLA) in Puebla, Mexico.  She enjoyed the experience so much that she extended her original program to a full year and a half.  Having grown up between the U.S. and Spain and  as a native speaker of both English and Spanish, Ariana is the perfect person to help prospective and current students in their experiences abroad. Today she calls New York City home.



Armando is a third culture kid. He was born in the U.S., grew up in Spain, and completed Junior College at MUWCI in India. He attained his first degree in art (BFA) from the UDLA in Puebla, Mexico, and did a year of Indology at the Ca’Foscari University in Venice. He holds a Master in Fine Arts (MFA) from Stanford University in California. He gained his second MFA at the Sir JJ School of Art in Mumbai, and has earned a number of grants and fellowships, as well as participated in Biennials in Denver, Havana, Venice and Kochi. In the field of academics, he imparts lectures and seminars on his own art, Latin American art history and contemporary art with a focus on land use and cartography. Currently, he guides the city tours and museum tours providing in depth knowledge of the history and tradition of art in Spain.

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