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Like choosing your college, finding the right study-abroad program is a deeply personal experience. What we provide is a holistic, integrated, educational experience crafted around the core values of academic excellence, deep cultural immersion, and personal attention for each of our students.

Each of our programs is carefully designed to maximize the educational benefit that study abroad provides by integrating classroom studies with the environment outside, because this, at its heart, is the unique opportunity afforded by studying in a foreign country. We extend this pedagogical approach in every program through academic field trips to places like Granada, Madrid and Toledo.

We encourage each one of our program participants to experience deeply and travel widely, applying what they have learned in their studies to the greater classroom we refer to as the world.

Our goal is for each student to come home not only with a greater understanding of Spain, but a greater understanding of what it means to be a global citizen, and for the rest of their lives, to feel at home in the world.

We hope that you choose to study abroad with us, but more than that, we hope that should you choose a different path, that it leads you somewhere new, somewhere foreign, for in the experience of difference we truly expand our own humanity.

Buen viaje,
The CASA Team

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