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Viaje a Cuenca

Cuenca, Spain

The following sites of cultural and historic interest will be visited during this excursion.

“En un lugar de la Mancha, de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme…”

Cuenca is a World Heritage Site in the “State” of Castilla- La Mancha just south of Madrid. Castilla-La Mancha is know for being the landscape for the book Don Quixote de la Mancha from Cervantes.

Casco Antiguo: Catedral, Museo Diocesano y Museo de Arte Abstracto

Walking tour of the old city of Cuenca, where you will see the casa colgadas and visit the Cathedral (which is a gothic cathedral), the Diocesano museum (with religious art from the 12th-18th century), and the museum of abstract art (names European museum of the year in 1981).

Traditional food from Cuenca, Morteruelo:

Taste this traditional dish from the Cuenca región. It is a pate like spread made from game meats that people love.

Ciudad Encantada:

A park 20 km northeast of Cuenca where erosion has created amazing rock formations that makes this park feel enchanted (that is where the name of the park come from Ciudad Encantada or Enchanted city).

Fee: $235

Fee includes:

  • Transportation to and from Cuenca
  • Lodging for 1 nights
  • 4 meals
  • All entrance fees to cultural sites and museums and transportation to and from scheduled visits and residence hall.
  • Guided visits

Not included:

  • Personal travel throughout the city during free time.
  • Incidentals such as soft drinks or snacks outside of regular meals.
  • Any meals other than those programmed at the residence. Students will not be compensated if they choose to opt out of scheduled meals or activity.
  • Personal entertainment or purchases at the discretion of individual students.

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