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Viaje a Granada

Granada, Spain

The following sites of cultural and historic interest will be visited during this excursion.

Visita a la Alhambra:

La Alhambra: is the citadel of the last Moorish kingdom in Spain. The complex includes the Alcazaba (fort and military barracks), the Generalife (summer gardens for afternoon outings), the Palacio Nazarí, (the private residence of the Nazarí dynasty), and the Palacio Carlos I/V (a Renaissance structure built by the grandson of Ferdinand and Isabella as a homage to the reconquest).

Tablao Flamenco and walking tour of El Albaycin:

The Albaycin  is an old Moorish section of the city with amazing views of the Alhambra at night.


La Zambra and tour of the Albaycin: This optional activity includes a live flamenco show in the gypsy caves in the Sacromonte section of Granada. After the show, we will take a guided walk around the Albaycin, where the common man lived during the Moorish period. This section is full of lovely narrow streets and plazas. From the Mirador San Nicolás, we will see the Alhambra at night.

This is an optional activity and has a fee of 30 euros, which includes transportation from the hotel to the caves, the Flamenco show, one drink, a walking tour of the old part of the city and return transportation to the city/hotel.

Visita a Santa Fe, la Cartuja y la Catedral:

La Catedral: Renaissance cathedral from the 16th century built in the Isabelino style. This cathedral was built to impress the inhabitants of Granada after the reconquest to show them the power and majesty of the Christians.

La Capilla Real: A wing of the Cathedral which houses the mausoleum by Fanselli and the remains of Ferdinand and Isabella, Juana la Loca (their daughter) and Felipe el Hermoso (Juana’s husband). Artifacts, clothings and Flemish paintings of their times are also on display.

La Cartuja: A cloistered 16th century monastery. One example of the many built to facilitate the conversion of the population to Christianity. The monastery includes the refectory, several chapels, the charter room, and a baroque church and its sacristy. This is one of the most impressively ornate churches you will see in Spain.

Santa Fe: This unusual town was built around the military camp used by Ferdinand and Isabella during the effort to reconquer Granada. In the central plaza, the Catholic kings signed the contract with Christopher Columbus to finance his search for a western route to India, which led to discovering America.

Visita a Guadix:

Guadix is a small community in which many of the residents still live in caves. We will walk through the area and visit one of the cave dwellings to see how it has been adapted to “modern” living.

Fee: $375

Fee includes:

  • Transportation to and from Granada
  • Lodging for 2 nights
  • 6 meals
  • All entrance fees to cultural sites and museums and transportation to and from scheduled visits and residence hall.
  • Guided visits

Not included:

  • Personal travel throughout the city during free time.
  • Incidentals such as soft drinks or snacks outside of regular meals.
  • Any meals other than those programmed at the residence. Students will not be compensated if they choose to opt out of scheduled meals or activity.
  • Personal entertainment or purchases at the discretion of individual students.

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