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Spanish Language and Culture


Offered in summer at the University of Alicante by CASA, this program provides students with an intensive summer language and culture program which provides 80 hours of classroom instruction and a full schedule of cultural activities outside of the classroom including visits to Madrid, Granada and Valencia, the annual city festival known as Las Hogueras, local visits to the Castillo Santa Barbara and Lucentum, the Roman ruins that were the foundation of Alicante as the city it is today.

4-Week Intensive Spanish Language + Culture

This program allows students at all levels of language proficiency to participate. The unique program offered at the University of Alicante is a 12-tiered language program which makes it possible for students to study with a group of international students (not only American students) whose language skills are very close to their own. Class size is small (10-15) and all professors are experienced language teachers working full time at the University of Alicante.

The Spanish Language and Culture program provides 60 hours of structured language instruction, 20 hours of formal class time dedicated to culture and 20 hours dedicated to experiential activities to learn about culture first hand.

Total instructional hours: 100

Program Features:

  • A total immersion language and culture program
  • Integrated language program placing CASA students in classes with other international students from around the world
  • Average language class size 12-15 students
  • Individualized academic support and tutoring
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Professional internship opportunities

Spanish Language Courses

The courses are divided into 12-tier tiers, which are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and include. Each student is placed into the level that best fits them using an initial online exam and onsite evaluation. The levels are:

 Level  Common European Framework  Equivalent  Suggested U.S./ ACTFL  equivalent
 Beginners 1 A1  Novice Low
 Beginners 2 A1+  Novice High
 Intermediate  1 A2  Intermediate Low
 Intermediate  2 A2  Intermediate High
 Intermediate  3 B1  Advanced Low
 Intermediate  4 B1+  Advanced Low
 Advanced 1 B2  Advanced Mid
 Advanced 2 B2+  Advanced Mid
 Advanced 3 C1  Advanced High
 Advanced 4 C1+  Advanced High
 High  Advanced 1 C2  Superior
 High  Advanced 2 C2+  Superior
 Proficiency  Distinguished


One-month intensive (4-weeks). Students may complete this program without requiring a student visa.


Term: Summer 2015

Dates: June 6 to July 4, 2015

Deadline: April 1, 2015

Credits: 4-6

Accredation: Universidad de Alicante

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