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Life in Alicante

Alicante is a cosmopolitan city of  350,000 located on the south-eastern coast of Spain (La Costa Blanca), with more than 800 years of history, having been named a villa (town) by Alfonso el Sabio in 1252. It is blessed with a mild climate that allows for a full range of outdoor extra-curricular activities to complement the academic program. Like most European cities, the urban layout makes it easy to walk to most destinations and facilitates the natural immersion of students into their new surroundings.

The size of the city allows students to quickly become a part of the city and feel at home. The public transportation system provides ease of movement within the city with a very extensive city bus service and a state-of-the-art under- and over-ground tram with service from different parts of the city to the university.  The marina and beaches that line the coast all along the city seafront offer year-round enjoyment, and the Castillo de Santa Barbara, that looks out over the bay, offers magnificent 360º views of the Mediterranean and the lands surrounding the city.

There are cultural activities of interest throughout the year, with the most popular one being the Hogueras de San Juan in June. There are also two outstanding museums, the MARQ (award-winning interactive archeological museum) and the MACA (impressive college of modern art), and the Roman ruins known as Lucentum. The city is a fascinating combination of activities and offerings, just the right size for newcomers.

In short, “Alicante no es pequeña para aburrise ni grande para perderse.”



The University of Alicante is rather unique in Spain. It boasts an American-style campus which brings together all academic departments, administrative offices, sports facilities, cultural events and services (several cafeterias and restaurants, banks, bookstore, post office, and even a travel agent).

Student services include a housing office, a volunteer services office, an intramural sports division, an international student center, computer rooms, complete Wi-Fi access throughout the campus, the university library with ample study space, and an outdoors relaxation zone with walking paths and a duck pond.

Students can participate in the full offerings of the University and make use of all of the resources located on its beautiful campus.

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